Living With Osteoarthritis

Living With Osteoarthritis

We’re here with a quick 90-minute program to help you learn about the symptoms and risks related to osteoarthritis. Join us in this virtual class to find out about essential practices to manage chronic joint symptoms and pain.

Our Team Includes:

  • your family doctor
  • Exercise Specialists

We’ll work on:

  • learning about osteoarthritis
  • developing practices to manage your osteoarthritis and work to slow down or prevent symptom progression
  • ways to manage joint pain and symptoms

How it works:

Join one of our 90 minute virtual sessions with one of our Exercise Specialists.

Who is this course for?

If you:
  • have osteoarthritis
  • want to get moving again
  • want to learn more about how to manage your symptoms
  • want to learn more about how to prevent symptom progression
Upcoming Sessions

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e being offered until further notice.