About the Program

In this program we will encourage and work with you to let go of the struggle to change unwanted thoughts and emotions. 

We’ll work on developing your focus on the present moment and acting on what you value most. 

We’ll work with you to encourage contact with uncomfortable internal experiences, instead of avoiding them, to help you learn to manage through and beyond them.  

Our Team Includes: 

  • your family doctor
  • Mental Health Clinician
  • Mental Health Navigator

We’ll work on: 

  • acceptance and mindfulness strategies
  • increasing focus on the present
  • clarifying your goals and values 
  • developing psychological flexibility

How it works:

ACT is a nine-week, evidence-based anxiety management group.

Who is this course for? 

Physician referral and Mental Health Clinician screening required



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Anxiety Therapy Group

Our ACT program is about both acceptance and change – let go of the struggle and learn to focus on what you value.